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Interactive Drivers

Depending on the purpose of the driver, the driver record in the Communications Drivers and Profiles view may be indicated as interactive. In particular, the Siebel CTI Connect driver, the user-interactive driver for email, and the Push Keep Alive driver are interactive drivers.

Interactive drivers enable communications functionality to be available to end users using the communications toolbar and related menu controls. Additional capabilities may also be required, such as a Siebel Universal Queuing integration to route communications work items to an agent's communications toolbar.

The Push Keep Alive driver, unlike other interactive drivers, does not have a user interface component.

Communications configurations can reference profiles for interactive drivers only. The events and commands defined in the configuration interact with the communications system through one of the interactive drivers.

NOTE:  The Interactive field is for informational purposes. Do not modify the values for this field for the drivers provided by Siebel Systems. Custom drivers developed by third parties must be written to be interactive or not interactive, according to their purpose.

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