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Icon Files for Interactive Communications Drivers

Generally, each interactive driver has a specified icon file, which designates the image file that represents the channel for interactive purposes in the communications toolbar. The icon file is used for the Channel Type Indicator and for blinking behavior, such as when an incoming work item has arrived.

For the following interactive communications drivers (driver record), provided by Siebel Systems, a default icon file is specified. For each interactive driver created by third parties, an icon file must be specified. Other communications drivers do not use icon files. (The Push Keep Alive driver, although it is an interactive driver, does not use an icon file.)

  • The Siebel CTI Connect driver, for the voice channel, uses voice.gif.
  • The User-interactive Email driver, for the email channel, uses mail.gif.

The directory webmaster\images\language_code in the Siebel Server installation directory stores the source image files, where language_code represents the language code for the installed software, such as ENU for U.S. English.

To use your own icon file, place your icon file into the directory identified above. You can either replace an existing file provided by Siebel Systems with your own, or use a new file and specify this filename in the Icon File field for the communications driver.

NOTE:  New or updated files on the Siebel Server are automatically populated to the Web server whenever the Web server (where the Siebel Web Server Extension is installed) is restarted. Files can also be manually updated from the Siebel Server without restarting the Web server. For more information, see Security Guide for Siebel Business Applications and Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

If you are using a custom communications driver (interactive driver), you can use your own icon file or reuse an icon file provided by Siebel Systems, such as one that represents the same communications channel.

To work within the existing toolbar framework, each image file used for a driver icon file must be 18 x 18 pixels, and must be of format GIF or JPG.

The driver icon files are not the same physical files as the image files that are specified as bitmaps for the toolbar commands in Siebel Tools, although some of the actual images may be identical or closely related. If you modify icons used in one context (interactive icon file or bitmap specified in Siebel Tools), modify them in both contexts to maintain user interface consistency.

For more information, see About Communications Toolbar Configuration.

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