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About Profiles for Communications Drivers

A communications driver is initially configured by setting default parameter values for the driver within the Communications Drivers and Profiles view.

A communications driver can be made available to serve a particular purpose by creating one or more profiles that reference this driver. For each profile, parameter values can be specified to override those of the referenced driver or to provide values not otherwise specified.

Communications administrators, who are the primary audience for this book, generally configure drivers and create profiles. Depending on the features or products your company is deploying, multiple administrators may coordinate to perform these tasks.

For example, administrators who have expertise in CTI middleware or email servers may be tasked to configure the communications drivers and profiles that are specific to the technology or product areas with which they are familiar. Or some administrators may configure profiles only, under the direction of another administrator who configures drivers.

For profiles that may be specified by end users in some of the contexts described below, administrators can specify in the Communications Drivers and Profiles view in the Administration - Communications screen which Siebel responsibilities will have visibility to the profiles.

Profile visibility applies to the Send Email window (with the Siebel native email client) and Send Fax window, to email reply features using Siebel Email Response, and to outbound communication requests. Users can see only those profiles associated with their responsibilities, or the profiles they have created themselves.

If your company implements multiple organizations, administrators can also associate each profile with an organization. For example, this may be used by Siebel Email Response in looking up the contact associated with an inbound email message.

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