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Teleset Naming and Hoteling Considerations

You can provide any sort of unique name or number for a teleset. Naming telesets after cubicle or station identifiers or machine names may be a good approach to naming telesets. This approach avoids problems that may be associated with naming them after users or extensions, given that multiple users and extensions may be associated with one teleset.

If you implement hoteling, you may choose to name a hoteling teleset after the host name of the associated hoteling computer.

When you have specified a host name for a teleset in order to support hoteling, any agent logging in to the Siebel client on the hoteling computer will also use the associated hoteling teleset. Associating a host name with a teleset overrides any association of the teleset with an agent. For more information about hoteling, see Configuring Telesets for Hoteling.

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