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Specifying Telesets, Agents, and Extensions

This section provides instructions for specifying telesets and specifying agents and extensions for telesets.

To specify telesets

  1. Navigate to Administration - Communications > All Telesets.
  2. In the Telesets list, add a new record.
  3. In the Teleset field, enter the name of the teleset.
  4. If the teleset and computer are to be used for hoteling, specify in the Host field the name of the computer where the teleset is located.

    The host name you enter will be stored using all uppercase letters.

  5. Enter any desired comments for the teleset.
  6. For a nonhoteling teleset, click the Agents view tab and add agents for the telesets, as described below.
  7. Click the Extensions view tab and add extensions for the teleset, as described below.
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