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Specifying Agents for Telesets

This section provides instructions for specifying agents for telesets. You associate an agent with a teleset in order to authorize the agent to use this teleset.

All agents you associate with telesets must already have been associated with one or more communications configuration. For more information, see Specifying Agents.

Agents and telesets have a many-to-many relationship.

Agents who use hoteling exclusively, or who do not use the voice channel (CTI), do not need to be associated with telesets.

To specify agents for a teleset

  1. In the All Telesets view, select the record for the teleset to which you add agents who will be authorized users of the teleset.
  2. Click the Agents view tab.
  3. In the Agents list, add a new record. The Add Agents dialog box appears, displaying employees who have been added as agents to one or more configurations:
    1. Scroll to display any additional records that are not shown, or use Query or Find to locate records matching certain criteria.
    2. For each agent that you want to associate with the current teleset, click the check box to select this record.
    3. Click OK to add all selected agents to the Agents list.
  4. If no Agent Login and Password values exist for a given agent, you can add this data, as necessary:
    1. Click the hyperlink in the Agent field to drill down to the Agent General Profile view.
    2. In the Agent General Profile list, enter values for the Agent Login and Password fields.

      For more information, see Specifying Agents.

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