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Creating Event Logs

This section describes how to create event logs, using the All Event Logs view.

The Event Responses view tab in the All Event Logs view lets you view the event responses with which the current event log is associated.

NOTE:  If you are implementing a custom communications driver, see also Configuring Communications List of Values Types.

To create an event log

  1. Navigate to Administration - Communications > All Event Logs.
  2. In the Event Logs list, add a new record.
  3. In the Name field, enter the name of the event log.
  4. Specify the configuration to associate this event log with:
    1. In the Configuration field, click the select button. The Pick Configuration dialog box appears.
    2. Scroll to display any additional records that are not shown, or use Query or Find to locate records matching certain criteria.
    3. Select an existing configuration with which you want to associate the event log, then click OK.
  5. Enter any desired comments for the event log.
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