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Configuring Communications List of Values Types

Records defined for various List of Values (LOV) types determine what values can be selected in certain fields (drop-down lists) in the Administration - Communications screen.

LOV records of the same type and, where applicable, with the same Parent LIC (Language-Independent Code) value are listed together in particular drop-down lists. An LOV record must also be set to Active in order to appear in the user interface.

Typically, LOV records provided by Siebel Systems will serve your needs without alteration. However, depending on your implementation, you may need to include custom content in a particular LOV. To include custom content, you add an LOV record, or modify an existing LOV record to change its display value.

In particular, if you are implementing a custom communications driver, you must create records for several List of Values types.

CAUTION:  For an existing LOV record, it is not recommended to modify values other than for the Display Value field. It is also not recommended to delete LOV records provided by Siebel Systems. If you are certain that an LOV record is not needed in any context, you can uncheck the Active flag in order to hide it in the user interface. However, note that some LOV records are required for internal operations not directly related to the user interface. For example, for inbound and outbound email, existing LOV records of type TODO_TYPE, with display values Email - Inbound, or Email - Outbound, must exist in unmodified form, and must be active.

Some of the List of Values types for which you may provide your own values are described in this section. Your deployment may require you to add or modify records for additional List of Values types not described here.

To add or modify List of Values records, you use the Administration - Data screen and the List of Values Explorer and List of Values views.

NOTE:  For instructions for adding or modifying List of Values records, see Applications Administration Guide. Follow all documented guidelines and restrictions.

For information about configuring records for the List of Values type for recipient groups for outbound communication requests, see Configuring Recipient Groups for Requests and Advanced Templates.

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