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Specifying Subcommands for a Group Command

This section describes how to specify subcommands for a group command. For more information about group commands that specify subcommands, see Communications Group Commands in Toolbar.

When you specify subcommands for a group command, do not specify invalid recursive relationships between subcommands and group commands.

For example, do not specify a subcommand that is itself a group command for which the current group command is specified as a subcommand. A relationship like this invalidates the communications configuration when it is loaded for an agent's session, and disables the communications toolbar.

To specify subcommands for a group command

  1. Navigate to Administration - Communications > All Commands.
  2. In the Commands list, create or select a command to which you add subcommands.
  3. Click the Subcommands view tab.
  4. In the Subcommands list, add a new record.
  5. In the Subcommands field, click the select button to display the Pick Command dialog box.
  6. Select an existing command that you want to serve as a subcommand for the current command, then click OK.
  7. Specify the order for the subcommand.
  8. Repeat Step 4 through Step 7, as necessary, for each subcommand.
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