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Communications .DEF Files

This section describes the sample communications definitions (.DEF) files that are provided by Siebel Systems. The following .DEF files are provided:

  • multichannelA.def. Contains communications definitions that correspond to the communications configuration named Multichannel configuration A. Supports Siebel Universal Queuing and the voice channel (for Siebel CTI Connect) and email channel (for Siebel Email Response).
  • callrouteA.def. Contains communications definitions that support using Siebel Universal Queuing to route communications work items of the following channels: voice, email.

The sample .DEF files provided by Siebel Systems are in the following locations:

  • bin\language_code, in the Siebel Server installation directory
  • bin\language_code, in the Siebel Mobile Web Client installation directory

where language_code represents the language code for the installed software, such as ENU for U.S. English.

Siebel Communications Server does not directly use the .DEF files; they are samples only. However, in addition to the sample definitions, these files contain comments to help you understand how the communications configuration elements work.

The .DEF files contain the following types of information:

  • Communications drivers and profiles
  • Configuration parameters
  • Communications commands
  • Communications events
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