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File Format for .DEF Files

The Siebel Communications Server .DEF file are text files that employ the following file format:

  • The names in brackets ([ ]) identify elements such as drivers, profiles, commands, and events. Each bracketed name is followed by lines containing names and values for parameters.
  • Field values are enclosed in double quotation marks (which are not used for this data within the Administration - Communications screen), and are indicated using an equals sign (=), as in the following example line from a communications command:

    DeviceCommand = "MakeCall"

  • Parameters are used in .DEF files to represent some elements that, in the current version, do not specify using parameters when you work in the Administration - Communications screen. For example, the line below, for an event handler definition, associates the event handler with an event response:

    Response = "InboundConsumerCall"

  • Any lines preceded by a semicolon (;) are not in effect and may contain explanatory comments.
  • A file exported from release 7.x contains lines like the following:

        CommServerVersion = "7.0"

    This allows the export file to be handled differently (as an upgrade case) than files exported from previous versions. Do not remove these lines from your export files. (Files exported from versions subsequent to version 7.0 may include an updated version number.)

If you need to manually prepare a file for import, you can export a file of the same type containing preconfigured data, then check that your file to be imported uses the correct format.

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