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Driver Event Attributes

Table 85 lists event attributes that are included by the channel manager for all events processed by the client handle method HandleEvent. These attributes apply to any communications driver that invokes the client handle method HandleEvent—whether for drivers provided by Siebel Systems or custom drivers developed by customers or by other vendors.

You can use these attributes with event handler definitions in communications configurations. For more information, see Event Handlers. See also Work Item Attributes.

The event attributes described in Table 85 are also available for workflows used in processing inbound communications.

For more information about the HandleEvent client handle method, see HandleEvent.

Table 85. Driver Event Attributes
Attribute Name


The name of the applicable profile for the driver.


The language-independent value of the channel type.


The channel string defined for the driver.


The device event name as known by the driver.


The setting of whether the driver requests notification from the client when event-handling is done.

The client handle method HandleEvent includes the parameter notifyWhenDone, which is used to request the client to notify the driver when the client has finished handling the event.

The client notifies the driver that event handling is done by using the service handle method NotifyEventHandlingFinished.


The unique work item ID, a value in the form profile_ID##driver_tracking_ID, where profile_ID is the ID of the driver profile and driver_tracking_ID is the work item's tracking ID, as known by the driver.

For example, if the ID of the driver profile is 12-01234, and the driver uses the tracking ID "abcdefg" for this work item, then "12-01234##abcdefg" is the value of SiebelWorkItemID for this work item.

For events received for each interactive driver, additional data is received as event data fields. For more information about the events and event data fields for interactive drivers provided by Siebel Systems, see Using Siebel CTI Connect.

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