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Communications Drivers

Communications drivers can be provided by Siebel Systems or developed by others:

  • Siebel Systems provides communications drivers for use with Intel NetMerge (formerly Dialogic CT Connect), standard email servers that support SMTP and POP3, and other systems.

    For more information about configuring communications drivers, see Configuring Communications Drivers and Profiles.

    For driver parameter, command, and event details for each driver provided by Siebel Systems, see Using Siebel CTI Connect and Using Email, Fax, and Other Systems.

    For information about third-party product support, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb.

  • Siebel customers and vendors of CTI middleware, email servers, and so on, can use Adaptive Communications to write custom drivers to support other communications systems.

    To find out about communications drivers created by other vendors, refer to the Alliances page on the Siebel Web site,

Drivers can be created that will run on Microsoft Windows or on UNIX platforms. For example, drivers on Microsoft Windows may be Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL files), or drivers on UNIX platforms may be shared object (.so) files. Alternatively, drivers may be created as other types of files than these, such as executable files.

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