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About Installing the Siebel Email Form

In order for users to be able to use either Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook for the Send Email command, Siebel-customized files described in this section must be copied to designated locations on server or client machines, and applicable email forms must be made available to your users.

For each of these email client programs, an email form is installed which has been set up for use with Siebel Business Applications. Initiating an email message from the form invokes a script that interacts with the Siebel application. The script updates the activity record for the email message and generates attachment records for this activity record, based on any email attachment files. If the email is canceled, the activity is deleted.

The Notes or Outlook form you install in this section is later specified for use for all users or for individual users, as described in Overview of Completing Email Client Configuration.

NOTE:  Siebel Systems does not support customizations of Notes or Outlook forms that are not described in this book.

Locations of Source Files for Siebel Email Forms

The Siebel email form for Lotus Notes is part of a Notes database file. The Siebel email form for Microsoft Outlook is part of an Outlook template file.

When you create a Siebel network image from Siebel media files, the Lotus Notes database file Siebel7Email.nsf is extracted to the directory:


You install Siebel7Email.nsf from this location. This database file supports only ENU (U.S. English) in the user interface. However, error messages reflect the currently deployed supported language, if you choose to use this file in deployments other than ENU.

For information on how to create a Siebel network image, see the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

NOTE:  The Microsoft Outlook template file containing the Siebel email form is not provided by Siebel Systems. For details on how to configure the email form, see Siebel SupportWeb.

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