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Configuring Client-Side Integration for Send Email

The Send Email command can be deployed to support three different email client options. Users can be configured to use Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook to send outbound email messages, or configured to use the native Siebel email client.

NOTE:  The third-party email client integrations described in this section, for Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook, are supported for end users on Microsoft Windows client machines only. End users on UNIX client machines must use the native Siebel email client.

The following list describes assumptions that are made for Send Email integrations:

  • Send Email integrations for Microsoft Outlook are assumed to use Microsoft Exchange Server as the email server.
  • Send Email integrations for Lotus Notes are assumed to use Lotus Domino as the email server.

The third-party email client integration options use email client software on each user's client machine, and do not use Siebel Communications Server.

By contrast, the native Siebel email client integrates with your email server, using Siebel Communications Server and the Internet SMTP/POP3 Server communications driver. If third-party email client integration is not configured, then the Siebel application uses the native Siebel email client. For more information, see Interfacing with Email and Fax Servers.

You can configure your system so that all users use the same email client for the Send Email command. Alternatively, you can support multiple email clients and let individual users specify their preferred email client.

For information about using the Send Email command with a third-party email client integration, see Sending Email Using Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook.

For information about activity records and email, see Creating Activities for Send Commands, including the subsection about matching contacts for these activity records.

For information about supported versions of third-party software, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb.

NOTE:  If you are using Microsoft Outlook for the Send Email command, note that communications between Outlook and the Siebel application, which is handled by scripts for the email form, may cause alert messages to be displayed. Whether such messages are displayed, and which messages may be displayed, depends on the current security settings for Outlook.

Email-related error messages received by users will use the language applicable to the source of the message. For example, an error message returned from a French version of Microsoft Outlook will be in French.

Errors generated from Siebel software may use the language and locale of the Siebel Server, such as in the execution of a script used in the email form, or use the language and locale the user specified as a user preference or temporary setting for sending messages.

NOTE:  For Microsoft Outlook, use separate email forms for each code page. Configure each form according to the requirements for using each language version of Microsoft Windows that you are supporting.

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