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User-interactive Email Events

Table 77 lists and describes User-interactive Email events that Siebel Communications Server may receive. Events listed may be referenced as device events in communications configurations with which profiles for the User-Interactive Email driver are associated.

Table 77. User-interactive Email Events
Event Name


A new email work item has arrived, having been delivered by Siebel Universal Queuing.


The agent has released an email work item.


The agent has resumed an email work item.


An email work item has been revoked by Siebel Universal Queuing.


The agent has accepted an email work item and the work item is now active.


The agent has suspended an email work item.

User-interactive Email Event Data

The attributes received with an email event are determined by the workflow process for Siebel Email Response. The workflow can be extended to pass other attributes to Siebel Universal Queuing, which in turn passes them to the agent's communications toolbar as event attributes. The following attributes must be passed to the workflow process for submission to Siebel Universal Queuing:

  • LongDescription. The detailed description of the work item. This attribute is used in the Accept/Reject dialog box, where the descriptive information is displayed in order for the agent to decide whether to accept or reject the work item.
  • ShortDescription. The brief description of the work item. This attribute is used in the Work Items list in the communications toolbar. For example, after an agent accepts an email work item, the Work Items list uses text from this attribute to identify an email. For example, the attribute value might be a phrase like:

    Email from

  • ChannelAddress. This attribute stores applicable channel information for the work item that is intended to be displayed in the Channel Target Address field in the All Channel Items view (in the Administration - Communications screen). The email address the work item was sent to may be stored using an attribute value like:

The fixed work item attributes received for any work item are described in Work Item Attributes.

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