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User-interactive Email Commands

Table 75 lists and explains usage for commands specific to the communications driver User-interactive Email.

The commands you define, in which driver commands listed here are specified as device commands, support the command parameters documented in Configuring Events and Commands. In your command definitions, you can specify custom subparameters for command parameters of type Group.

An asterisk (*) before a parameter name means that the parameter is optional for this command. Command parameters are described in Table 76.

Most of the commands in Table 75 correspond to commands defined in the communications configuration, in which they are specified as the device command. They may also correspond to a communications toolbar button.

For more information, see Configuring User Interface Elements. For descriptions of the communications toolbar, see Communications Operations for End Users.

For commands for which the TrackingID parameter is optional, the command operation is performed on the work item identified by the TrackingID parameter value. If this parameter is not provided, the command operates on the first available work item.

Table 75. User-interactive Email Commands
Command Name



Accept a new email work item.



Release a new email work item.



Reset the state of the User-Interactive Email driver, in case it has gotten out of sync.



Resume a new email work item.



Simulate a new email work item.

Accepts any parameters received (by creating Param subparameters for the command data definition).



Suspend a new email work item.

User-interactive Email Command Parameters

Table 76 lists User-interactive Email command parameters and describes their usage. Table 75 identifies the commands that use each of these parameters.

Within the communications configuration, command parameters and values to pass to the User-Interactive Email driver can be specified within command data definitions as subparameters of the Param parameter. For more information, see Command Data.

Table 76. User-interactive Email Command Parameters
Command Parameter


The designated tracking ID of a work item, to identify the specific work item on which an operation is to be performed.

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