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Creating Activities for Send Commands

Activity records may be generated for all of the Send commands that you use to send outbound communications: Send Email, Send Fax, and Send Page.

For more information about using the Send commands, see Sending Email, Fax, and Page Messages.

In the User Preferences screen, Outbound Communications options, you can specify whether to generate activity records for the Send commands, and, if so, whether the activity records will be public or private. For details, see the setting Upon Sending Messages Generate, in Preference Settings for Outbound Communications.

Each activity record documents a communication initiated within the Siebel application. Generally, this activity is also a child record of another record which was current when the command was invoked. For example, if the Send Email command is invoked when a service request record was active, then the activity record for the email message is a child of the service request record, and can be accessed from the service request. You can fill in other fields to complete the activity record, as may be appropriate for your company's use of activities.

NOTE:  For an activity generated by using Send Email, the Status field is set to Done when the message is sent. If the message is sent to an invalid address, the sender is notified by email that the message could not be delivered. Note, however, that the Status field is not updated in this case. The email system does not update the activity record that a message could not be delivered.

The owner for an activity generated by a Send command is the sender of the communication. Recipients are associated with the activity as contacts, if the Siebel application can match the recipients with persons in the Siebel Database. For details, see Contact Matching for Send Email Activity Records.

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