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Activity Types for Each Send Command

The activity records generated by each Send command are of different types, as outlined in Table 65.

Activity records for outbound communication requests also use the same activity types described in this section, but are not generated in the same way. For more information about these activity records, see Viewing Activity Records for Communication Requests.

For Siebel Email Response, activity records for inbound email messages use the Email - Inbound activity type, while activity records for outbound email messages use the Email - Outbound activity type. For more information, see Siebel Email Response Administration Guide. See also the subsection about activity records and attachments, in Administering Communications Inbound Receiver.

Table 65. Activity Records for Outbound Communications
Send Command
Activity Type

Send Email

Email - Outbound

Send Fax

Fax - Outbound

Send Page


Text from the Subject line of the message is written to the Description field for the activity record. (For pages, this text is from the Subject field of the template.) Message body text is written to the Comments field for the activity record, up to a maximum possible size of 1,500 characters.

For Send Email and Send Fax, message body text is also written to the Email Body field, up to a size of at least 16,000 characters (actual length depends on your database).

For Send Email and Send Fax, message body content that is longer than the Email Body field allows is also saved as activity attachments. The attachment files are named SiebelLongEmailBody.txt (for plain-text messages) or SiebelLongEmailBody.htm (for HTML messages). If you are using Microsoft Outlook as your email client, RTF messages are saved in HTML format.

For the Send Email and Send Fax commands, attachments (such as files or literature items) to email or fax messages are also saved as attachments to the activity record.

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