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Viewing Activity Records for Communication Requests

Users and administrators can monitor and troubleshoot communication requests that include particular templates by viewing activity logs or Siebel Communications Server logs.

You specify activity logging by checking the Create Activity check box when creating an advanced template. Activity records are viewed in the Activities screen. For more information, see Fields for Templates.

The procedure below, for the All Templates view in the Administration - Communications screen, also applies to the My Templates view in the Communications screen.

If Create Activity is checked for the template, one activity is created for each recipient, after the message is sent to that recipient.

The message body text (and some other data, such as the sender name and the To line) is written to the Email Body field, up to a size of at least 16,000 characters (actual length depends on your database).

NOTE:  When a message is sent to a large number of recipients, an equally large number of activity records is generated.

To set activity logging for any requests using a particular template

  1. Navigate to Administration - Communications > All Templates.
  2. In the Templates list, select a template that will be included in an outbound communication request.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. Check the Create Activity check box.

    Any outbound communication requests that include this template will generate activity records.

To view activity data for requests

  1. Navigate to Activities > Activity List.
  2. Choose All Activities.
  3. In the All Activities view, query the listed activities by searching for all relevant activity records.

    For example, the Activity Type differentiates Communications Outbound Manager activities as follows:

    • For activities logged for email templates, Email - Outbound is the activity type.
    • For activities logged for fax templates, Fax - Outbound is the activity type.
    • For activities logged for pager templates, Paging is the activity type.

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