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Monitoring Outbound Communication Request Status

Outbound communication requests initiated by end users or administrators can be monitored in the views for working with outbound communication requests. These views display the status of each communication request that has been run by the Communications Outbound Manager component.

NOTE:  It is recommended that you specify text for the Comments field when you create requests. Such comment text can help you to identify or differentiate requests or subrequests you are monitoring.

To monitor outbound communication requests

  1. Navigate to one of the following views:
    • Administration - Communications > All Outbound Requests
    • Communications > My Outbound Requests
  2. In the Communication Requests list, query the listed communication requests for all records matching certain criteria. Then check the status for these requests.

    For example, you might want to find all email requests with a particular status, all requests created or submitted by a particular user, or all requests submitted to a specific server component.

  3. As applicable, in the Communications Subrequests list, browse the listed subrequests for a request that has been submitted. Then check the status for each subrequest.
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