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Status Settings for Outbound Communication Requests

For each outbound communication request record, or subrequest record, detailed status information may be shown in the Status Message field. In addition, the Status field displays one of the following values:

  • In Progress. The request has been created but has not yet been submitted for processing by the Communications Outbound Manager.
  • Submitted. The request has been submitted to the Communications Outbound Manager server component. The request will have this status even if the Communications Outbound Manager has not yet received it.
  • Processing. The Communications Outbound Manager has received and is processing the request.
  • Done. The Communications Outbound Manager has successfully completed processing the request.
  • Incomplete. The request could not be fully processed because it did not include all necessary information—for example, one or more recipients could not be resolved, no templates were specified for the request, or a template was invalid.

    A request with subrequests may have the status incomplete if only some of the subrequests were correctly processed. Each subrequest has its own status. Resubmit any subrequest that was not processed.

    NOTE:  If address information, such as the email address, is missing for any of the recipients of a communication request, the request status after processing will be Incomplete. This status does not, however, mean that Communications Outbound Manager failed to deliver to recipients for which addresses were available.

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