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Other Communications Drivers

This section describes the settings and parameters for the following communications drivers provided by Siebel Systems:

  • The Push Keep Alive communications driver provides a heartbeat message that is useful in maintaining connections for your communications sessions in some environments.

    For more information, see Using Push Keep Alive Driver for Session Connections.

  • The Modem-Based TAP Paging communications driver is a feature of Siebel Paging.

    NOTE:  Siebel Paging is included with all base applications of the Siebel Business Applications.

  • The FTP communications driver is used by Siebel Marketing to send contact lists to vendors who are contracted to execute campaigns. It can also be used to send outbound communication requests from any Siebel application. For more information about Siebel Marketing, see Siebel Marketing Installation and Administration Guide.

For more information about communications drivers, see Configuring Communications Drivers and Profiles.

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