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Configuring Fax Integration Elements in Siebel Tools

Siebel Business Applications are preconfigured to send messages to be processed by Captaris RightFax. You must modify the configuration data in Siebel Tools in order to have fax recipient information processed correctly for the fax server you are using, as necessary, and to work with the email account you are using with the fax server.

For each business component from which you want to extract fax addressing information for recipients, set the Recipient Fax Address Field user property to the appropriate field, such as the Fax Address field for the Contact business component.

For example, in views based on the Contact business component, your users may enter customer fax information in the Fax Phone # field. The Fax Address field is a calculated field that prepares fax addressing data obtained from the Fax Phone # field for use with your fax server. In this case, the Recipient Fax Address Field user property should specify the Fax Address field.

The formatting for fax-related fields depends on your fax server requirements. The calculated value for Fax Address or equivalent fields contains fax formatting that applies to RightFax. All such field values must be modified as appropriate for your specific fax integration.

For example, for RightFax, the calculated value should specify the email account that is monitored by RightFax as well as the field, such as Fax Phone #, that contains the specific fax address for the recipient.

By default, the Fax Address field for the Contact business component, for example, contains the following value for the Calculated Value field in Siebel Tools:

IIF([Fax Phone #] IS NOT NULL, '"/fax='+ToChar([Fax Phone #])+'/"
<>', "")

The above definition should work correctly for Captaris RightFax, if you modify to specify your fax integration's email address. Retain the <> brackets enclosing the email address. Also make sure that a space character precedes the opening bracket (<) enclosing the email address.

For more information about configuring user properties and working with Siebel Tools, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications and Siebel Developer's Reference.

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