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Integrating with Fax Systems

Sending outbound fax messages requires that you integrate your email system with Siebel Communications Server and integrate your fax server with your email server. In addition, you must prepare your Siebel applications to format fax addressing data correctly.

Siebel software does not natively send any fax messages. Rather, the software sends an email message to an email address that is formatted to include the recipient fax number. The email-fax gateway server passes this email to the fax server. The fax server converts it to a fax and sends it to the recipient fax number. For information about supported third-party products, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb.

NOTE:  After a fax is sent to the email server for submission to the fax server, the Communications Outbound Manager server component may log that the fax has been successfully sent. However, this log file message does not indicate whether the fax was sent to a valid fax number.

Most fax software sends a notification message when a fax cannot be transmitted to the destination. Some fax software applications can also be set up to send a notification when a fax is transmitted successfully. If the fax server has been configured to send notifications to the sender, the notification appears in the mailbox that corresponds to the profile that was used to send the fax.

Your fax software, such as Captaris RightFax, must be configured to communicate with the email server over a configured gateway connection (or communications link). For example, when installing RightFax, use the gateway for SMTP/POP3. For more information about email-fax gateways, refer to the documentation for your fax server.

You must also create an email account (mailbox) that will be solely monitored by the fax server. For example, email messages addressed to the RightFax email account are transmitted through the gateway connection and automatically picked up by the RightFax server, which converts them into faxes and sends them. Each RightFax email gateway for SMTP/POP3 can monitor a single such email account.

NOTE:  If you are using Communications Server with Captaris RightFax, in order to support Unicode configurations download the Unicode patch for Captaris RightFax. For more information, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb.

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