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Special Command Parameters

Table 10 lists special command parameters and their usage. Table 9 identifies the commands that use each of these parameters.

Within the communications configuration, special command parameters and values can be specified within command data definitions as subparameters of the Param parameter. For more information, see Command Data.

Table 10. Parameters for Special Commands
Command Parameter


For @UQBlindTransferWorkItemToAgent, @UQBlockAgentChannel, @UQInitTransfer, @UQTransfer, or @UQUnBlockAgentChannel, specifies the login name of an agent to whom a work item is routed or transferred through Siebel Universal Queuing.


For @UQChangeAgentMediaMode, specifies the media mode for an agent.


For @CreatePopupFrame, specifies the mode for an applet to be displayed in the new browser window.


For @CreatePopupFrame, specifies the dimension of the new browser window.


For @UQAddWorkItem, @UQAgentAvailable, @UQAgentInitAuxWork, @UQBlockAgentChannel, @UQChangeAgentMediaMode, or @UQUnBlockAgentChannel, specifies the channel (media) type, such as the channel for which an agent changes availability.


For @CreatePopupFrame, specifies a URL to be displayed in the new browser window.


For @UQAgentChangeReadyState or @UQAgentInitAuxWork, specifies a business component field from which a reason code is obtained. The agent chooses the reason code when changing availability for any or all channels.


For @UQTransferWorkItemToRoute, specifies the name of a route defined for Siebel Universal Queuing.


For @InvokeSWECommand, specifies a Siebel Web Engine (SWE) command to be invoked.


For @UQTransfer, specifies the name of a transfer command in the communications configuration that is to be invoked.


For @ViewWorkObject, specifies the name of a view.


For several special commands (relating to Siebel Universal Queuing), specifies the ID for a work item upon which the command operates. Set the value as appropriate for the command.

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