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Communications Definition Data in the Database

The Siebel Database contains configuration data that helps determine how your communications system is integrated with your Siebel application. Among other functions, the communications configuration data:

  • Defines how a Siebel application handles events received from the communications system
  • Defines how commands are generated and sent from the Siebel application to the communications system
  • Defines the appearance and availability of commands in the Communications submenu in the Siebel application—by specifying hot keys, menu command titles, menu item sequence, and so on

NOTE:  The events recognized by the communications driver, and the commands supported by the driver, are a subset of those supported by the communications system, such as your CTI middleware. For the supported driver parameters, events, and commands, see Using Siebel CTI Connect.

To customize the communications configuration, you must understand your call center's workflow model, as well as the key business objects for your Siebel application.

You customize communications features by editing or entering data in a series of views in the Administration - Communications screen, as described in Views for Communications Administration.

NOTE:  For some examples in this chapter, the label Communications Simulator indicates an example that you can try using communications simulation. Use the Communications Simulator to test aspects of your configuration before deployment. For more information, see Enabling Session Communications and Simulation and Simulating a Communications Environment.

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