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Event and Command Definitions

This section lists the types of events and commands supported by Siebel Communications Server, describes the field types for event and command parameters, describes how wildcard characters can be used in parameter values, and notes the form in which parameters are defined in events or commands.

Communications configuration parameters, communications drivers and profiles control the feature set provided by the communications system. Event and command definitions control how and when these features are used, how data attached to communications work items affects application behavior, and so on. Each event or command definition must have a unique name within its type.

Each communications command definition or event definition has a unique name within its type, and includes a set of parameters for which values are specified. Each type of event or command, and its supported parameters, is described in detail later in this chapter.

Event and Command Types

The following types of events and commands are defined in a communications configuration:

  • Event. Communications Server supports three types of event definitions:
    • Event handler. Defines how the Siebel client application responds to events in the communications system. Specifies a response to execute when an event handler matches an event. For details, see Event Handlers.
    • Event response. Determines a specific response to an event that matched the event handler that invokes the response. For details, see Event Responses.
    • Event log. Defines Siebel log-generation rules for communications events. For instance, events may be logged as activities (Action business component) or logged as another type of record. For details, see Event Logs.
  • Command. Defines communications commands that can be invoked in the Siebel application and specifies how they are to appear in the application. For details, see Commands.
  • Command data. Defines data associated with a communications command that is invoked. For details, see Command Data.
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