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Commands in the communications configuration data define the appearance and availability of communications commands.

By using the DeviceCommand parameter in a command, you can invoke a command on the communications system or invoke a special command.

  • Device commands that are executed by the communications driver. Such commands are specific to particular middleware vendors, or to how Siebel Systems supports communications toolbar interactivity. For more information about commands supported by Siebel-provided drivers, see Siebel CTI Connect Commands and Supporting Email Interactivity.
  • Device commands that are independent of communications drivers. For more information, see Special Commands for Device Commands.

Communications commands may instead invoke a business service method, a SmartScript, or a Siebel VB or Siebel eScript script. For commands, each of these mechanisms is mutually exclusive: invoke only one of these mechanisms in a given command. (Scripts and business service methods take precedence over device commands.) For more information:

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