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What Is Siebel Communications Server?

Siebel Communications Server provides an infrastructure to support several kinds of communications activities for Siebel application users. Custom drivers for third-party products can be created using the Adaptive Communications API:

  • Session-based/interactive communications. Supports multichannel interactive communications for call or contact center agents who use the communications toolbar to:
    • Make or receive voice calls through computer telephony integration (CTI) supported by third-party CTI middleware packages.
    • Receive inbound email messages as email work items (for Siebel Email Response, using Siebel Universal Queuing).
  • Inbound communications. Supports integrating to third-party email servers and processing inbound email (when using Siebel Email Response).
  • Outbound communications. Supports integrating to a variety of third-party communications systems such as email servers to send outbound communications:
    • Supports the Send Email and Send Fax commands for Siebel application users. (Send Page is also available but uses Page Manager rather than Communications Server.)
    • Supports agents sending email replies, for Siebel Email Response.
    • Supports users sending communications content to designated recipients using outbound communication requests. Communication requests can be created and submitted manually through a user interface described in this book, or created and submitted programmatically.

      Several Siebel modules invoke business service methods through workflows to send outbound communications.

NOTE:  Your Siebel implementation may not have all the features described in this guide, depending on which software modules you have purchased.

Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide