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Communications Server and Siebel Email Response

Siebel Email Response allows agents to receive and reply to inbound email messages.

Inbound email routing can be handled by Siebel Universal Queuing or by Siebel Assignment Manager, with Siebel Workflow.

If routing is handled using Siebel Universal Queuing, then communications configurations can support email activities for agents, and agents are notified of incoming email messages through the communications toolbar. The sample communications configurations provided by Siebel Systems contain events and commands that support email-handling functionality.

Siebel Systems provides a communications driver that integrates with a variety of email servers that support SMTP and POP3 protocols. Communications administrators also configure response groups and workflows to determine how to process inbound email messages.

The Communications Inbound Receiver and Communications Inbound Processor components receive and process inbound email communications. The Communications Outbound Manager component handles outbound email for agent replies.

For more information about Siebel Email Response, see Siebel Email Response Administration Guide.

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