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Submitting an Outbound Communication Request

This section describes how to submit an outbound communication request you previously created.

NOTE:  If the Communications Outbound Manager component aborts, a communication request that has already been submitted can be resumed automatically upon restarting the Siebel Server. Alternatively, the request can be resubmitted in order to process it from start to finish.

For more information, see Restarting an Aborted Outbound Communications Manager Component, Monitoring Outbound Communication Request Status, and Monitoring Siebel Server Request Status.

To submit an outbound communication request

  1. Navigate to Communications > My Outbound Requests.
  2. In the Communication Requests list, select the record for a communication request that is ready to be submitted.

    For an end user, the requests displayed are those that were created by that user. For an administrator, all requests are displayed.

  3. From the Show drop-down list, choose My Outbound Request Overview.

    The My Outbound Request Overview view appears.

  4. Verify that the request has been correctly configured and includes the intended templates. Modify the request, as appropriate.
  5. Click Submit in the Communication Request form.

    If the communication request is properly processed by the Server Request Processor, Server Request Broker, and Communications Outbound Manager server components, the request will be passed to the appropriate messaging systems for delivery to the intended recipients.

  6. Monitor the request in progress, as appropriate.

    For information about monitoring requests, see Monitoring Outbound Communication Request Status and Monitoring Siebel Server Request Status.

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