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About Communications Templates

Communications templates may be sent to outbound communications recipients in the following scenarios:

  • Using the Send Email, Send Fax, or Send Page commands
  • Replying to an inbound message in Siebel Email Response
  • Creating and submitting an outbound communication request (whether this is done manually or done using a module like Siebel Workflow that can invoke business service methods)

Templates provide both structure and content for outbound messages. Content may include both explicitly specified text and Siebel field values substituted into the outbound message. Field data may be substituted for all supported Siebel data types. In an end-user context of using the Send commands or replying to inbound messages, additional content can also be specified by the end user.

For outbound communication requests, which can include multiple templates per request, each template also includes a specification of the communications profile that determines how the template's message will be delivered. For more information about outbound communication requests, see Defining Outbound Communication Requests.

A set of templates supporting different communication channels are provided by Siebel Systems. These templates may be used or adapted for use with the Send Email command, Siebel Email Response, outbound communication requests, Siebel Workflow, and so on.

For additional guidelines on creating templates for use by Siebel products documented in other books, such as Siebel Email Response, see the applicable documentation, such as Siebel Email Response Administration Guide.

NOTE:  The procedures described in this chapter can be performed either by administrators or by advanced end users.

If you are implementing a custom channel type, see also Configuring Communications List of Values Types.

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