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Migration to Siebel Communications Server

Send Email and Send Fax commands in release 6.x integrated with email application client software on each user's machine, such as Microsoft Outlook.

In release 7.x, these commands use the Communications Outbound Manager server component to submit the email and fax messages to an email server, which actually sends the messages. Applicable business service methods are used to invoke the server component functionality.

NOTE:  In version 7.5.x and later, the Send Email command can optionally be configured to work with Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. For more information, see Configuring Client-Side Integration for Send Email. The rest of this section applies to the default Send Email configuration that requires using Communications Outbound Manager, and applies to both Send Email and Send Fax (Send Fax cannot use Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes).

To support the Send Email and Send Fax commands, an administrator must configure and run one or more instances of the Communications Outbound Manager server component, and must configure profiles for the Internet SMTP/POP3 Server driver (or another applicable communications driver).

Each end user may also need to create one or more profiles for personal use, such as to specify the user's email address as the sender (From Address parameter) for outbound messages. The My Profiles view in the Communications screen is provided for this purpose.

NOTE:  Most end user responsibilities do not have access to the My Profiles view. If you need to provide this view to your users, an administrator must add it to the end user responsibilities for your Siebel implementation.

For more information, see Upgrade Issues for Communications Drivers and Profiles.

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