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Defining Communications Command to Invoke the Script

The example NewMakeCall script, whether Siebel VB or Siebel eScript, can be invoked when the user clicks the Make Call button in the communications toolbar. To specify this behavior, you attach the script to a particular command you define in the Administration - Communications screen.

Define the command and its associated command data definition to be similar to the example command MakeCalltoPhone for Siebel CTI Connect, shown in Table 139 and Table 140.

Table 139. Command: MakeCalltoPhone
Parameter Name
Parameter Value


Make Call to "{@Phone}"



Table 140. Command Data: MakeCalltoPhone
Parameter Name
Parameter Value




Call from {@UserName}...







You specify the script name (NewMakeCall in this example) as the value for the parameter called Script in the command entry. Then you define parameters for the script in the associated command data entry, using the form ScriptParam followed by a period (.) and the parameter name (PhoneNumber in this example).

In this example, when an agent clicks the Make Call button in the communications toolbar, the command MakeCalltoPhone is executed, which in turn invokes the script NewMakeCall. A value is passed to the script for its PhoneNumber parameter, based on the value yielded by macro expansion. Each script parameter is passed to the script as a key/value pair.

The example script displays a message box indicating that a script is being invoked and that a call is being initiated to a particular number; it then dials the number in the edit field in the communications toolbar.

For more information about macro expansion and about the @Phone macro, see Using Macro Expansion for Character Fields and Macros for Parameter Values.

NOTE:  A script invoked from a communications command overrides and does not invoke the device command defined within the command.

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