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Defining the CTI Event to Invoke the Script

The example HandleCallUsingANI script, whether Siebel VB or Siebel eScript, can be invoked when the user clicks the Answer Call button. To specify this behavior, you attach the script to a particular event response you define in the Administration - Communications screen.

Define the event response to be similar to the example InvokeVBOnAnswer for Siebel CTI Connect, shown in Table 141. The example event handler that invokes this event response has the Device Event field set to the appropriate device event for the driver, such as TpAnswered for Siebel CTI Connect.

Table 141. Event Response: InvokeVBOnAnswer
Parameter Name
Parameter Value









Using the same techniques, you can write a script that will query the Siebel Database using the information about the current call and display the data by navigating to the corresponding Siebel view.

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