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Views for Defining Configurations, Drivers, Profiles, Agents, and Telesets

The following views are used to specify communications configurations, communications drivers and profiles, telesets and extensions, and agents:

  • All Configurations. Create, modify, copy, or delete a record for a named communications configuration and define or associate related data such as parameters, profiles, agents, commands, and events. See Creating or Modifying a Communications Configuration.
  • Communications Drivers and Profiles. Specify parameter values for communications drivers, and define profiles to provide access to the driver and to specify override values for selected parameters. See Configuring Communications Drivers and Profiles.
  • Agent General Profile. View or modify information about call or contact center communications users (contact-center agents and supervisors), including their ACD agent logins and passwords and associated ACD queues. Also associate an agent with one or more configurations or telesets. See Specifying Agents.
  • All Telesets. Specify the telesets in your call center. For each teleset, specify its extensions (according to the switch you are using). You can specify authorized agents for the teleset here or in the Agent General Profile view. For hoteling telesets, specify the hoteling computer. See Specifying Telesets.
  • All Extensions. View information about all defined extensions, and view or modify each extension's type and associated teleset. For details, see Specifying Telesets.
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