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Scenario for Managing Inventory and Orders

Ace Corporation East has just bought a new van to be used in the delivery of inventory to a number of different outlets. A delivery sales representative at Ace Corporation East has been designated as the driver of the van. He decides to associate the new delivery van with Ace Corporation East's physical location. Before he goes on his first delivery in the van, he registers some information about the van, for example, the van's millage. Also, he makes sure that the van's inventory on the laptop matches the physical inventory in the van. When all this has been done, he is ready to make the deliveries.

The delivery sale representative then drives to the first retail outlet, and makes the initial delivery. Also, at this point, he checks for outstanding invoices, collects payment, and records the payments made. He also has a discussion with the stores manager at the outlet about any orders that the stores manager would like to place, and records these orders. After this has been finished, he is ready to make his next delivery.

Over the course of the day, the delivery sales representative may have made a number of payment collections, and may decide to deposit these payments at a designated bank. If he does this, then he must record the deposits that he has made.

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