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About Inventory and Order Management

Sales representatives, presales representatives, and delivery representatives are often responsible for capturing orders, invoicing, and collecting payments. In addition to these primary sales responsibilities, they may also collect payment for outstanding billings, exchange products with other delivery representatives, and deposit payments at the local bank. These activities are all part of the inventory and order management process.

The activities associated with inventory and order management can be seen in Figure 2.

NOTE:  This is an example of a Conduct Retail Visit subprocess business flow. A business process is a set of activities organized to achieve a business objective. A business process model depicts the flow of work typically followed by users or systems to complete a sequence of tasks. The Conduct Retail Visit subprocess business flow shows a greater level of detail for the high-level tasks represented in a business process diagram.

Figure 2 shows an example of a Conduct Retail Visit subprocess business flow.

Figure 2. Sample Conduct Retail Visit Subprocess Business Flow
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