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About Objectives

An objective is a sales goal established to introduce a new product, promote the sale of an existing product, or improve the presence a product has in the retail environment. It is applied to one or more retail store accounts and includes one or more recommended activities to be performed by salespersons as they visit the stores belonging to the target accounts to which the objective is applied.

Organizations often create objectives to support a corporate promotion or merchandising strategy. When used with recommended activities, objectives help to coordinate your sales force. Salespersons benefit by being aware of objectives that are targeted at their retail stores and what their managers consider important activities to perform during their store visits.

Ideally, objectives should be implemented at the beginning of a planning cycle.

Objectives can be created for the entire corporation, for instance, to support a corporate promotion. In this case, the corporate objective is the parent objective, and regional, district, or key account managers can create child objectives of this parent to support the goals of the corporate objective.

Alternatively, a retail sales manager can create an objective and activities specifically for the retail sales representatives in the region, to support sales goals specifically for that region.

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