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Scenario for Creating and Fulfilling Sales Objectives

This scenario is an example of a process flow performed by a retail sales manager and sales representatives to create and fulfill sales objectives. Your company may follow a different process flow according to its business needs.

A large food manufacturer has developed a new beverage, and plans to test its consumer appeal by introducing it in southern France. One retail sales manager's territory is the southern region of France. The sales manager is responsible for making sure that the sales representatives reporting to her take the actions necessary to have a successful launch of this new beverage.

The retail sales manager begins by creating an objective named Southern France New Beverage Launch. Next, she adds three recommended activities that she wants each member of her sales force to carry out to meet this objective:

  • Meet with a manager to make sure the new beverage is priced properly.
  • Take a retail order to make sure there is enough new beverage in stock.
  • Perform a retail audit to verify the new beverage is correctly positioned on store shelves.

To communicate the importance of these activities to her sales force, she assigns the priority 1-ASAP to all three recommended activities. She also adds a product fact sheet to the objective as a literature item. Her sales representatives can use this fact sheet to gain valuable information about the new beverage prior to visiting accounts. Finally, she adds every account in southern France to the objective, ensuring that it will be delivered to the account team members of the accounts that have been selected. These activities become available to the representatives to associate with the outlet visits they plan for the upcoming business cycle.

When the sales representatives for southern France check their calendars, they can see that the retail sales manager has scheduled a series of store visits for them to complete. As they prepare for each of these visits, they can review the objective and the recommended activities she has created, along with the product fact sheet she added. Later, as the new beverage launch is in progress and the sales representatives are performing store visits, the manager or sales representatives can review the objective and note whether its related recommended activities have been completed.

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