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Setting Up Account Channel Values

To make effective use of the Account channel personalization attribute, administrators or end users must select values for the Account Channel field for each of your company's accounts that is included on an authorized distribution list. The Account Channel field determines the type of distribution channel to which the account belongs.

To assign Account Channel personalization attributes to accounts, see Creating a Distribution List.

NOTE:  If no values are selected for the account channel field, it is treated as having a null value. Accounts with null Account Channel values are matched with product categories and products that have null values in those fields.

Predefined values for the Account Channel attribute are included in the seed data for the standard Siebel Consumer Goods application under the list of values (LOV) type ACCOUNT_CHANNEL. You can create new values or change any of the existing values, which are:

  • Apparel Specialty
  • Athletic Specialty
  • Sporting Goods
  • Department Store
  • Grocery
  • Mass Merchandiser
  • Military
  • Pet
  • Warehouse Club
  • Convenience Store
  • Dollar
  • Drug
  • Electronics Speciality

For the procedure to create or change a value in the LOV, see the Applications Administration Guide.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Product Distribution.

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