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Process of Managing Product Distribution

This section details sample tasks often performed by administrators and end users when managing product distribution. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

Administrator Procedures

This section lists the tasks administrators typically perform to manage product distribution:

  1. Creating Distribution Codes
  2. Creating a Distribution List or Amending a Distribution List
  3. Deleting Products from a Key Account Distribution List
  4. Setting Up Account Channel Values
  5. Assigning Product Categories to Account Catalogs
End-User Procedures

This section lists the tasks end users typically perform to manage product distribution:

After distribution lists have been created, the other tasks involved in product distribution can be performed in any order. However, specifying suppliers for products can be done only after buying groups have been created, because the suppliers are selected from the existing buying groups.

  1. Viewing and Modifying Distribution List Products (End User)
  2. Reviewing Account Catalogs (End User)
  3. Reviewing Account Catalogs (End User)
  4. Creating Buying Groups (End User)
  5. Associating Account Products with Merchandising Locations (End User)
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