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Process of Managing Products

This section describes sample tasks often performed by marketing administrators and customer service representatives when managing products. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

Administrator Procedures

The following list shows procedures administrators typically perform to manage products.

  1. Setting Up a Catalog, as described in the Siebel Order Management Guide

    In Siebel Consumer Goods applications, the Account Channel personalization attribute can be applied to product categories, as well as to products and accounts. For information about using the Account Channel field, see Product Distribution. In the standard Siebel Consumer Goods applications, catalogs do not have the Account Channel field visible. To enable this personalization attribute for catalogs, see Using Siebel Tools.

    For information about setting up category product hierarchies specifically for the Sales Volume Planning (SVP) module, see (Optional) Modifying the SVP Business Service.

  2. Defining Products
  3. Providing Greater Detail to Product Records, as described in the Product Administration Guide

    You can create product features, assign key features to a product, define product attributes and associate them with product classes, define related products, designate equivalent products, create comparison features for equivalent products, create product entitlements, associate literature with products and associate images with products.

  4. Defining Product Lines
  5. Creating and managing price lists, as described in the Pricing Administration Guide

    NOTE:  With the ENTERPRISE_FLG set to N, the default setting, Database Extract only extracts organization Price Lists and Items specific to each organization. You may use Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) to import Price Lists and Price List Items by organization. If EIM sets the ENTERPRISE_FLG to Y, all Price Lists and associated Price List Items are routed to all users regardless of organization. For more information, see the Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Administration Guide.

End-User Procedures

Most of the tasks associated with products and price lists involve viewing information. An administrator is responsible for setting up product lines, products, and price lists.

The following list shows tasks you typically perform when working with Products. These tasks can be performed in any order.

  • Using the Product Explorer (End User)
  • Viewing Product Information and Associating Attachments with Products, as described in Fundamentals
  • Viewing and Comparing Product Key Features and Viewing Product Image, as described in the Applications Administration Guide
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