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Using the Product Explorer (End User)

Explorer views in Siebel applications display information in a hierarchical, multipane format. The Product Explorer view has an explorer tree on the left, with folders arranged hierarchically, and a list on the right, representing the contents of the selected folder.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Products.

To use the Product Explorer

  1. Navigate to the Products screen.
  2. Select a product record.
  3. Drill down on the Name field hyperlink for the selected product, and click the Explorer view tab.
  4. In the Explorer tree, find the page icon of the product for which you want information.

    NOTE:  If the tree contains more products than are visible when you have scrolled down to the end, click the arrow at the bottom of the tree to display more.

  5. Click the plus sign next to the page icon of the product to expand the item and reveal its contents.
  6. Click the folder icons to view related Products, Attachments, Components, Price List, and Literature.

    Available records appear as hyperlinks in the list to the right of the Explorer tree.

    For more information on using Explorer views in Siebel applications, see Fundamentals.

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