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About Retail Execution

The Retail Execution module helps retail sales representatives plan, schedule, execute, and review sales visits to retail outlets. It provides views that allow retail sales representatives to perform a variety of retail visit activities, including the following:

  • Planning visits and associating activities with those visits
  • Performing retail assessments
  • Performing retail audits
  • Reviewing store conditions, historical audit data, required product distribution, and current promotions (planned and underway)

Whether retail managers use the Objectives module to schedule recommended activities, or plan them directly in the Activities module, retail sales representatives can use the Retail Execution module to undertake those activities in specifically assigned visits. For more information on objectives, see Objectives.

If retail managers use the Routes module to schedule visits, retail sales representatives and their managers can use the Retail Execution module to plan and carry out those scheduled retail visits. For more information on routes, see Routes.

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