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Scenario for Retail Execution

This scenario is an example of a process flow performed by retail sales representatives. Your company may follow a different process flow according to its business requirements.

A retail sales representative for a large food manufacturer visits a series of retail outlets in southern France each week. He is responsible for meeting with the retail outlet manager and performing various retail activities, such as taking retail orders, conducting retail audits, and promoting sales objectives established by his manager.

Each morning, he checks his calendar and starts planning his visits for the day. He begins by reviewing activities from prior visits, noting any outstanding issues that require special attention, and checking for any objectives that have been assigned to his accounts.

Today, he notices that a new objective named Southern France Beverage Launch has been created for one of the accounts he is scheduled to visit. The following list of activities has also been included:

  • Meet with the retail manager to make sure the new beverage is priced correctly.
  • Conduct a retail audit of the beverage to make sure it is correctly positioned on store shelves.
  • Place point-of-sale coupons in the retail outlet.
  • Undertake a retail assessment to gain competitive intelligence.

The first two activities have a priority of 1-ASAP, and he feels comfortable he can complete them in the time he has been asked to spend in this account. As he has only one hour to spend at this account, he defers the remaining two activities until a subsequent visit.

Before entering the retail outlet, he records the start time of the visit. While in the store, he performs the activities and takes notes to be used when planning future visits. He also reviews audits previously completed, the products carried, and the promotions currently being run in this account. After completing the retail visit, he records the ending time of the visit and changes the status of the activities he performed to Done.

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