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Process of Performing Retail Execution

This is an example process flow for performing retail execution. Your company may follow a different process flow according to its business requirements. Retail execution is typically performed by end users such as retail sales representatives. To perform retail execution, end users should complete the following tasks in the order given:

  1. Preparing for Retail Visits (End User)
  2. Planning Retail Visits (End User).

    NOTE:  This procedure is optional if you use the Routes module to schedule store visits.

  3. Starting Retail Visits (End User)
  4. Performing Retail Activities (End User)
  5. (Optional) Creating Retail Activities (End User)
  6. Review account information. For information on performing this procedure, see Reviewing Account Information (End User).
  7. End the retail visit. For information on performing this procedure, see Ending a Retail Visit (End User).
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