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Planning Retail Visits (End User)

After preparing for a retail visit by reviewing prior visit activities and account objectives, you are ready to plan the visit.

There are two ways to plan retail visits. Each way makes use of a different module.

Planning retail visits involves the following tasks:

  • Selecting an account to visit.
  • Selecting activities for the visit.

    NOTE:  If you want to create new recommended activities, use the Objectives module. For more information, see Creating Recommended Activities for an Objective.

  • Scheduling the visit.
  • Checking for activities that have been created since a visit was planned.

The following procedure incorporates these tasks and describes the steps required to plan a retail visit.

This task is a step in Process of Performing Retail Execution.

To plan a retail visit

  1. Navigate to the Visit Planning screen.
  2. In the Available Accounts list, select the account for which you want to schedule a visit.
  3. In the Available Activities list, select the activities you want to apply to the visit, and click Schedule.
  4. In the Schedule Visit dialog box, complete the necessary fields, and click OK.

    The new visit appears in the Scheduled Visits list, and all the activities applied to that visit appear in the Scheduled Activities list.

  5. (Optional) If time has elapsed since the original scheduling of the visit and additional activities may have since been created, retrieve the new activities:
    1. In the Scheduled Visits list, click Update.
    2. In the Available Activities list, select and apply the new activities to your previously scheduled visit.

      NOTE:  Alternatively, you can click Update in the Visit Execution screen to apply all outstanding activities to a single visit.

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