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Generating Baseline Basis Quantities for New Products

For new products, you can copy baseline shipment or consumption data from a similar existing product as the source for generating a baseline basis. After determining the source of the baseline basis; for example, historical shipment of a similar product, you copy these records to the new product's baseline basis quantity.

To generate a baseline basis quantity for a new product

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Sales Volume Planning screen.
  2. Click the Copy Actions view tab.
  3. In the Copy Actions form, create a new record.
  4. From the Action Type field drop-down list, select Copy Product.

    NOTE:  If you wish to copy information between products, they must be contained as part of the same account. If products are contained ass part of the same account hierarchy but different level accounts, product information cannot be copied from an existing product to a new product.

  5. Select the Apply ADL check box if you want to create records for only the accounts that have already been added to the new products ADL:
    • If there is no ADL established for the new product or you want to sell the new product to the same as accounts the source product was sold, leave this check box blank.
    • If you selected the Apply ADL check box, the Default Value becomes available and you can enter a value to give account managers a starting point for those ADL accounts that did not buy or receive the source product.

      Complete the rest of the fields in the form. The available fields are described in Step 6 of Generating Baseline Basis Quantities for Existing Products.

  6. Click Execute Action.

    In the SVP Action list, the status of Pending appears in the Status field. After the fields are copied, the Status field changes to Complete and a dialog box appears, confirming that the action was successful. On the Sales Volume Planning screen, the Basis Quantity field in the Category Baseline list is now filled in for this new product.

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